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  • Junk car removal is always free.
  • Network of junk car buyers all competing for your vehicle
  • Instant online or over the phone offers to junk your car for money.
  • Cash for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Same day pick-up for your junk car is available.

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Get free junk car removal from anywhere, we’ll come to you! Have your keys on hand and we’ll get you paid. Simple.

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At CASH FOR JUNK CARS we have been buying cars for over 30 years. We follow the market constantly to ensure we always offer the most cash for your Car, Truck, Van, or SUV.  Wondering where can I sell my car? What’s my automobile scrap value? Does anyone still do junk car removal? We will buy any vehicle running or not. Crashed no problem. Not running no problem. Not passing inspection no problem. Runs and drives perfect no problem. Flood or Fire damage no problem. No matter what the reason is for you wanting to sell your car we want to buy it. Call now 1-844-797-8698 operators are standing by.

Eco Friendly, Fast Service, Top-Rated, and Eager Junk Car Buyers

Get Top Dollar From Trusted Buyers

Get Top Dollar From Trusted Car Buyers

Cash For Junk Cars works with the top car buyers in the nation to get you the best price for your automobile.

Cash Car Buyer Agents Are Ready

Cash For Junk Cars Agents Are Ready

We care about service as much as we care about getting you the best price. We will do what it takes to make it right.

Same Day Pick-up Is Available

Most Pick Ups Happen Same Day

Cash For Junk Cars current average pick-up time from when an offer is accepted is 2 hours.

Cash Car Buyer Is A Top Rated Vehicle Buyer

Cash For Junk Cars Is A Top Rated Vehicle Buyer

Cash For Junk Cars uses a reliable network of car buyers that are trusted and on time.

Guaranteed Payments

Guaranteed Payments

As long as all the questions are answered correctly then we will guarantee our offer.

Planet Earth Thanks You An So Do WE

Our Planet Thanks You And So Do We

Every vehicle you sell to Cash For Junk Cars is one step closer to a greener planet.

Get Free Towing For All Vehicles Purchased By Us

Things To Consider When Selling a Junk Car

Who Is Cash For Junk Cars?

Cash For Junk Cars is the nations largest junk car buyer, working with local salvage yards and auto auctions to get you the best price for your unwanted cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans.

What Vehicles Does Cash For Junk Cars Buy?

We buy cars of all makes, models and conditions. Trucks and SUV’s too. We buy used cars, damaged cars, totaled cars, cars with engine problems, mechanical problems, old cars, nonrunning cars, junk cars, and end of life vehicles.  We buy all makes with the most popular ones being Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, Jeep amongst others.

How Much Will I Get To Junk My Vehicle?

Your offer is determined based off of the following conditions:

  1. The age and type of the vehicle impact the price.
  2. The scrap metal market impacts the price of end of life and older vehicles as they will be cleaned up and crushed for the metal.
  3. Vehicle Weight – If a car is considered a scrap car and has reached the end of it’s life it will mostly be bought for it’s weight in scrap metal.
  4. Vehicle Condition – The condition and mileage of your car matters if it’s going to be bought for resale or it’s parts.
  5. Demand For Parts – If it’s a popular car the offers will be higher because there will be a demand for the car parts.
  6. Location – Scrap metal prices and vehicles on the road vary by market so your location will impact the offer.
What Do I Need To Junk My Car To Cash For Junk Cars?
  1. Vehicle Title – In most cases we don’t need the vehicle’s title.
  2. Keys – In most cases we’ll need the keys to the vehicle.
  3. Vehicle Registration – In most cases you don’t need the vehicles registration.
  4. Valid ID – In Certain situations Valid ID to match the title and/or the registration for verification.
Do You Offer Same Day Pickup?

Whether or not we can provide same-day pickup for your junk cars depends on these factors:

  • How busy our local towing provider is on that day.
  • The location and condition of your vehicle.
  • Traffic and weather.
What Happens After I Accept My Cash Offer?

After accepting an offer from Cash For Junk Cars for junk car removal, a local dispatcher will contact you to schedule a pickup time for your car. Cash For Junk Cars works with local towing companies that will pick up your vehicle.

Is Junk Car Removal Free?

Yes! Junk car removal is always free and the best part is you get to put some money in your pockets.

Do You Buy Junk Cars Without The Title?

If you have a car with no title you should call and speak with one of our agents. They’ll walk you through whether or not you can junk your car without a title in your state as each state has different rules. All of our agents are trained specifically to handle situations where titles are misplaced and can help you get the necessary items in order to sell your vehicle quickly and easily.

What happens to my car after I sell it?

Once you sell your car to Cash For Junk Cars we work directly with local Auto Auctions, Salvage Yards, Car Crushing Companies, Auto Wreckers, and Core Buyers. What that means to you is that we always pay the most money for your vehicle and you don’t have to do anything but call or click.

Is There A Cash For Junk Cars Near Me?

You are in luck there absolutely is! We are one of the largest buyers of junk cars in the United States of America. We have locations that service the Nation. Finding a location that is near you is easy as 1 2 3.

Servicing Over 200 Locations Nationwide – We Buy Junk Cars From Everywhere