Car Scrap Value


Car Scrap Value

Many people wonder what their car’s scrap value is or what is car scrap value. There are two was to decide what the scrap value of a vehicle is. It usually depends on the year make and model of a certain vehicle. Our operators are trained to decide which route to take when it comes to the value of your vehicle.

Newer Cars

When it comes to the age of your car it has alot to do with deciding the value of your vehicle. Newer cars are usually worth more then older cars. Make and model also are a deciding factor in the vehicle’s value. The condition of your vehicle will also raise or lower the value of the vehicle.

Older Cars

Most older cars values come from the weight of the vehicle. The prices coincide with the market value of steel. The heavier the car the more the car is worth. Some older cars are still worth more then just what they way as long as the parts for that vehicle are in high demand.