How To Get The Most Cash For Junk Cars

How to get the most cash for junk cars

Always Get The Most Cash For Junk Cars

How To Get The Most Cash For Junk Cars

So you have a car that is broke down in your driveway and have already decided to sell it for junk. You start by going online and searching for “Cash For Junk Cars Near Me” or “Junk Car Buyers Near Me”. You find and call a couple and they all seem to offer you about the same amount. So you ask yourself… “How do I get the most cash for my junk car. This is a very important question because let’s face it money is hard to come by these days for a lot of us. In this article I will cover some of the steps you want to take to ensure you are getting the Most Cash For Junk Cars.

Information You Should Have Ready Before You Call

When a Junk Car Buyer wants to give an accurate quote over the phone or online, they will have a list of questions that they ask about the vehicle. These questions will often have to do with what the Buyer intends to do with your junk vehicle. To help speed up the process and to get the most accurate quote it’s good to know the answers to the questions before they are asked. Kind of like studying for a test.

  • Year, Make, and Model
    • Every Junk Car Buyer will ask this question. Different year, make, and model vehicles will more often times then not give a vehicle a specific value.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • The VIN gives the important information about a vehicle. Not only will it give the year, make, and model, it also gives the trim level, engine size, and even paint colors.
    • Not all buyers will have access to pulling information from the VIN but many of the larger Cash For Junk Cars companies do so its good to have it ready.
    • You can find the VIN on your Title, Registration, Insurance Card, and also on the vehicle usually on the dashboard driver side and/or driver side door jam.
  • Mileage of Vehicle
    • This isn’t a question that every Junk Car Buyer will ask but some will so it’s good to have this information.
  • Vehicle Condition
    • This question is usually broken into sections like Body Condition, Wheels and Tires, Glass Condition, Interior Condition, Missing Parts, and if the vehicle is Drivable or not.
    • It’s very important to be as honest as possible when answering these questions because it is how they base their initial quote. Once the buyer arrives to where the vehicle is located then they have the ability to inspect the vehicle and if anything differs they will try to lower the offer.
  • Title Status
    • The status of the Title is important to some buyers also. They will ask if you have a Clean Title, Salvage Title, or no Title. Again be honest it doesn’t always affect the amount they will offer you for your junk car.
    • If you don’t know the difference between a Clean and Salvage Title always ask. In most cases if you have a Salvage Title it will physically say it on the Title somewhere.
    • Also sometimes you will have a vehicle that you purchased but haven’t transferred the title yet. If so make sure you let them know so there are no surprises when they arrive to pickup the vehicle.
  • Address
    • The address to where the vehicle is located is very important for obvious reasons. When selling a junk car for cash you don’t always have the luxury of doing it from home. Maybe the vehicle broke down somewhere and you left it there knowing you would get it later. Always confirm you have the correct address.

How To Choose The Right Junk Car Buyer

So now you are ready to start reaching out to the Cash For Junk Cars companies that you have found. How do you know who will be the right fit for you? There’s a couple of things to look out for before you even click. Most businesses online today will have some sort of rating or reviews. Read a couple of them before you call. Some of the reviews can be a bit misleading though so try not to base your decision on just that. Competitors will often leave bad reviews to hurt the competition.

Once you decide who to reach out to first make sure that they are asking the right questions. As explained previously in this article not all the Junk Car Buyers ask the same questions. More often then not though the more questions you have to answer will lead to the highest offer. Think about it… If a buyer asks you just a question or two before giving a quote then they probably offer the same amount to everyone. Not to say that you won’t get the same offer or close to it even with the buyer that asks a ton of questions but don’t ever go with the first offer.

Reach out to multiple Junk Car Buyers and keep track of what they offer. Write down the name of the company, their phone number, and how much they offered.

Sell Your Junk Car For The Most Cash

Now you are ready to sell your car for cash. Remember to have all the information about your vehicle before you reach out. Be honest and as accurate as possible when answering questions. Don’t go with the first Cash For Junk Cars company you reach out to. Check with multiple buyers and get the best offer. Any questions you have about the process always ask before booking. And always always get the most cash for your junk vehicle.

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